The Daily Grind

I touched on the fact that I am a working mum in my last post. There are pros and cons to this. Pros – hot coffees, time out, adult company. Cons – missing the boys, lack of time. Not sure that I would say I am busier than a SAHM because as we all know, chasing after a toddler or two or three or more (more!) is bloody hard work! But heck, I am exhausted nonetheless with a baby toddler who has decided that when mum and dad come home it means it is party time. Sleep? Pfft! No, he wants to stay up and play. I put him to bed and he cries screams. This is not the sort of cry that you can leave, so up he gets where he will cuddle you on the couch for all of about 20 seconds before he is attempting to run around the room in a sleeping bag and he has yet to give in to the urge, despite the fact that sleeping bags and running don’t really go together.

So my daily schedule goes something like this –

4.45am – Alarm goes off. Hit snooze. Alarm goes off. Hit snooze.

5am – Get up. Discover one (or both) boys in my bed. Husband on the couch having been pushed out of bed to make room for the boys (one of which has really restless legs and loves to kick you).

6.15am – Leave the house to head down and drop the boys at my mother-in-laws (very lucky that they are looked after by Nana and Grandad while we are working)

6.30am – Commute to work

7am – Arrive at work. Turn on coffee machine, Turn on everything else (I work in a printing place – there is a lot to turn on!)

7.30am – Start work.

4.30pm – End of work day (work day includes 3 blissful coffees and a half hour lunch break plus a full day of listening to men acting like boys). Walk to the train station 20 minutes away.

5pm – Train 20 minutes home.

5.45pm – Pick up boys.

6pm – Walk in the door at home. Evening chaos ensues.

7.30pm – Boys bedtimes. Supposed to be. Cohen goes to bed. Finley cries. Finley gets out of bed.

8pm – 9pm dependent – dinner at last! Finely proceeds to steal food off our plates. Dinner consists of telling Finley that it is MY dinner. To which we get a resounding NO and hand dipped into our food.

After dinner (who knows what time things happen from here on in!) – tidy up, load dishwasher. Finley cries because you have left the room and he can’t follow because he will try and climb in the dishwasher and one day it will fall over on top of him.

After that – attempt to cuddle squirming monkey to sleep. Finley is no longer Finley but has now morphed into a little so and so who is overtired and refusing to go to sleep.

After cuddles fail. This usually happens (note removal of sleeping bag)


Sometime later between 9.30pm and midnight – I go to bed. And then we do it alllll over again the next day!

What does your day consist of?