Tantrums and Iceblocks

I touched on this in my last post, the mini man flu has struck super early in my household (if you haven’t had it yet, then it’s coming to a house near you!) but the two year old was taking it pretty well …. until last night that is. It all started with a terrible mistake on my part. The boys came and picked me up from work early given it was absolutely bucketing down with rain and I suspect by this point my husband just wanted to get out of the house. We then stopped for a few bits and pieces at the supermarket where I made the worst mistake known to mankind (in two year old land) and that was to leave the lemonade iceblocks at the supermarket. I mean, how dumb can you get right? Sick two year olds and iceblocks are a given and I left them behind. You’d think I had killed someone the way he carried on, so back in the car I hopped (I’m a sucker) and in rush hour traffic (fabulous!) I raced back down to retrieve the forgotten icy gold.

So that was fine. Iceblock crisis averted.


Wahhhhhhh! Mummy! I need my water cup! Wahhhhhh!

Up I hop to go to go and retrieve said water cup (this was after I had woken up in our bed with a foot in my face and a head under the covers – what is it with kids not being able to 1. Stay in their beds all night; and 2. Sleep normally in a ‘head on pillow’ manner?) and I come back with the cup.

Wahhhhhh! Not that cup mummy! No want that one! (Reminiscent of the beach tantrum, I had an uneasy feeling that that was me for the night)


No want that cup! Want bottle! No want that bottle! I need a blanket! No want that blanket mummy! I want Mickey Mouse! No want that Mickey Mouse! I want other Mickey! Wahhhh! I want water cup! I no want the water cup! Muuuuuummy! I NO WANT IT! (are you over it yet cos I certainly was!)

He literally cried for two hours repeating the words above. I wanted to lock him away in a soundproof room for the duration, but alas, we don’t have one (are they possible to build do you think?) and it was raining so I couldn’t put him outside (just joking! Kinda …)

My husband says this is my punishment as Finley is just like me, stubborn and irrational. I say that my husband is being irrational by saying such a thing, though the stubborness is certainly a feature of mine so that part may be right.

So what do you do in this situation? You load them in the car in the pouring rain (just to add to my day it is sopping wet outside) and leave them at Nanny’s house while you go to work.

What’s a bet they are angels for her the rest of the day while I struggle to stay awake?

Coffee time.


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