What does your house REALLY look like behind closed doors?


Has your house gone to the toys?

Or in reality should I say, gone to the kids? Because let’s be honest, the toys don’t move themselves. And neither do the kitchen utensils. Though I have seen Toy Story so many times that on a particularly sleep deprived evening I could probably be convinced it is true if there were wine involved. Or any alcohol really.

I am currently taking a break from doing my domestic duties on this lazy Sunday and sitting in my reading chair (with a cup of coffee of course!) while looking at the scene playing out in front of me.

Two children fighting over cars, a bottle still on the floor from this morning (oh wait! That one was last nights), a box of opened crackers, the clothes horse with all the clothes hanging on by a thread, one of the rails bent where Finley has taken to sitting on it. The bathroom has a mop leaning against the sink, no toilet mat because three year olds have a habit of getting distracted and missing the bowl, the floor has muddy prints on it after a visit to the park resulted in muddy shoes.

And toys. Everywhere.

Sounding familiar?

I was looking around the house and thinking, thank god none of my friends are here to see this. What would they think of me? Then I got to wondering … Am I really alone here? Am I the only one who seems to feel like they are living in a continual state of chaos? Surely not?

Let’s talk washing – how many of you have so much washing you just simply cannot keep on top of it? Overflowing hampers, washing to fold, discarded towels that have been used by the kids once and are still clean but somehow lay abandoned on their bedroom floor.

And did I mention the toys?

If I am having pre-arranged visitors then I will go all out to rush around the house like a madman trying to get the place looking presentable. But to be honest, I can’t always be bothered. I want my weekends too. And no matter how tidy we make it, within an hour it is back to the state of a pre-school playroom.

So, be honest. Am I alone?

What does your house REALLY look like behind closed doors?


5 thoughts on “What does your house REALLY look like behind closed doors?

  1. Not going to lie my house is pretty tidy all the time. But then Molly is a pretty tidy kid and doesn’t leave war destruction zones in her wake. I try to tidy as I go. Admittedly my house is a good size which automatically makes it less messy and I have two stay at home days to do a good tidy up. Not sure what the answer is but I know I freak out if I am living in a mess and it makes it hard to relax. (for me)


  2. I am lucky too as my house is relatively tidy, which is weird when I have a 2 year old. But then again I am constantly cleaning, tidying, doing something so my house looks kind of neat most of the time. My toddler does his bit too, so I am lucky he knows to clean up after himself – I taught him well :).

    But yes, it’s fine to not do anything sometimes. We all need a break sometimes.


    • Mine is pretty tidy too really, but it’s tiny so doesn’t take much to mess up! I spend lots of time just pottering about tidying up after the munchkins but sometimes it just gets a bit much! They have an art of spreading stuff everywhere!

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  3. Oh gosh, you are not alone! My house is NEVER tidy. I always have to bolt around doing a tidying frenzy before guests arrive. The house is clean, there’s no rotten apples lurking or cereal going mouldy in bowls, but it is not tidy. My three boys make mess! But I’m embracing it, surely this too shall pass?


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